A Walking Tour of San Jose, Costa Rica
by DonGordo

I can hardly remember my first trip.I do remember my brother and I getting lost several times a day while walking around San Jose. We didn't have the benefit of this board or others so we just went out there and tried to find places on our own.We spoke no Spanish but we had the spirit of adventure that was required to explore San Jose. This is going to be a capsulized version of a walking tour of San Jose for newcomers.

One of the keys to this tour is that whenever you find a spot that you like(or a Tica that you like) the rest of the tour is postponed for another day. I recommend starting this tour around 3 pm which gives some of the locations the opportunity to get their daily operation in motion.

First stop is Arte's y Sauna where you can enjoy a great massage, steam,sauna, and full sex for about 12000 col. The talent is not always the most beautiful but it seems as though even the plainest of masseuses will go out of their way to please you. Don't feel pressured into using the facilities if you don't see anyone that you like. Just tell them that you'll be back later. Make a right turn out of Arte's and go to the next corner (ave 4) and walk up the hill a couple of blocks to Bar Camelot. Go upstairs where you will find a Tico bar where you can get female companionship for approx.5500 col. This bar is always a hit or miss kind of place. Sometimes there are several attractive women available but at other times it is loaded with mostly Ticos. It is, however , a friendly place where you can have a beer and experience some local flavor. After Camelot, continue up the hill on ave 4 past Parque Central until you come to the world famous Park Hotel. Stop in for a drink.Meet Bill Bullock(the owner and MC of the famous Park Hotel Show). The girls will range from very nice to fat and homely but it is a one of a kind place.One thing to remember is that you are not in the best part of town. Don't wave any money around and don't wear any flashy jewelry unless you want to become a target for robbery. After dark, TAKE A CAB!!

If you haven't found anything to your liking yet you can leave the Park Hotel and turn right until the next street(calle 4) . Turn right and cross the street where you will see Centro Massaje. Go upstairs and you will find several women available for massage, etc. I think that the price is 4500 col for full service. The quality of the girls here always varies. I have been in there several times and actually ran out because they were a little scary. At other times there were a few decent looking chicas available. Whenever you are checking out these Tico operations, the price is low but the talent is also on the lower scale. If you still want to go further, it is time to go to 747. Go out of Centro Massaje and turn left on calle 4 and walk about 6 blocks and you will see a house on the left side of the street with the number 747 on the front of the building. This is the actual street address . (It is located on calle 4 between ave 7 and 9) .When you enter 747 you will be in a large room with chairs lining the four walls. Some will be filled with Ticos, some with chicas. If you see a chica that you like, simply make contact with her and she will take you into one of the rooms in the back (4000 col.). After 747 continue on calle 4 to the next street (ave 9) and turn right.Go to the next corner and you will see La Bella Mansion. This is a Tico bar where you can have a drink and get full service for 4500 col. The last time that I was there, I found a 20 yr old Tica (Vanessa)who was 5 feet tall and was fantastic. When you leave La Bella Mansion, go up the hill to ave 7 and turn left. On the right side of the street is Club 40 which is another Tico bar where they do some stripping but again you can get some low price action (under 5000 col).

This has been a rough guide and I hope that some of you rookies will benefit from it . This only scratches the surface of the action that is available in San Jose. Try to make friends with other gringos and travel at least in pairs. It is nice to have someone watching your back.Remember, After dark, TAKE A CAB!!

Don Gordo